How To Apply

Residential Care Home - Elizabeth House

Before applying for residential care, you are encouraged to visit Elizabeth House. You can contact Elizabeth House to arrange a visit by telephoning 01707 338820. The staff at Elizabeth House will discuss with you your needs and talk to you as to whether Elizabeth House would be suitable. They can also deal with the application process and advise you on the funding options available to you. If you require the financial support of your local Health and Community Services Department they can discuss with you how to go about this.

Sheltered Housing

Before applying for our Sheltered Housing you are encouraged to read through our Lettings and Allocations Policy - Sheltered Housing to see if you would be eligible. In short, we would not be able to consider you if you are under aged 60 (55 if you have a disability) or you have assets exceeding 200,000 (including a property), or an income of over 23,000 per annum (28,000 for couples). Some exceptions do apply. For instance, the assets and income limit does not apply if you are applying for studio type accommodation or for our Greenfields scheme in Cuffley. If you think you would be eligible, or have any questions as to your eligibility, you can Contact Us.

Other Types of Housing

If you are interested in our other types of housing, please go to the section marked Other Schemes.

On receipt of an enquiry, the Association will forward to you the Lettings and Allocations Policy (or the relevant paperwork for the Care Home as appropriate) which shows how we assess applicants and how our properties are allocated. We will also send you an application form and details of the schemes in the area you are interested in.

The majority of our vacancies are advertised through the two local Choice Based Lettings Schemes - Herts Choice Homes for Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield and Cuffley properties ( and Home4U for Stevenage properties ( We advise anyone applying for our accommodation to also register with the Local Authority you wish to move to (Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council or Stevenage Borough Council.) This is because at least half of our vacancies are forwarded to the Council in order to provide housing for applicants on their housing register.